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Wood Chips & Firewood

Wood chips are an excellent way to reduce weed growth, rebuild soil integrity, and for composting in the garden as well as your trail paths. Plus, with our delivery service, you'll save time and your back! Our wood chips, like most arborist chips, are a mix of conifer and/or deciduous trees. Both are great for your property. We can spread chips if you’re too busy as an additional service. Please contact us for details.


Delivery within our service areas is typically available once we have filled the 7-yard trailer. We do not guarantee specific species or "no needles" in our loads. A full load of chips will equate to about 7 yards. Since the delivery will be via a dump trailer, we can back into any area that has solid ground and can fit the truck.

Delivery fees are $60.00 and are collected during delivery. This fee includes delivery and material.

Wood Chips Request Form

To sign up to receive wood chips, please complete our form and indicate where would you like the chips placed on your property. Leave a marker on the place where you want the chips dropped. This can be a tarp, a cone, or a six-pack of beer. By signing up for our chip delivery, you agree to our terms and conditions as listed below.

    Contact Information
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    Terms & Conditions

    Your drop site must be accessible to the crew.

    Make sure there aren't cars parked at the drop site during the day. Check for low overhead lines and tree branches that the drop box would hit as it's being raised. Arborist trucks are heavy. If your driveway is thin enough, it could crack from the weight of a large truck. Any damage to your driveway or yard as a result of equipment is the responsibility of the property owner, not Canopy Solutions LLC. Leave a marker on the place where you want the chips dropped.

    A $60.00 charge for the delivery of the wood chips will be paid at the time of delivery. This can be done with cash or check given onsite or by paying with a card over the phone.


    Why are wood chips helpful to my property?

    Please review this local research from Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D. on the matter. This info is from Master Gardner Online. Linda is a wonderful resource on this subject. Download PDF

    Can I get a half load?

    Yes! Our trucks are sometimes half or partially full. This may be slightly over half or slightly under in quantity. Delivery Fees are $60.00 and are collected by cash, check, or card at the time of service. This fee includes delivery and material. Card payments will incur a 3%. convenience fee. The $60.00 fee is due whether the full or partial load is desired.

    Can I request 'no leaves'?

    Most arborist loads contain a mix of foliage and branch/log chips. This mixture is what jump-starts the hyphal network action. Find out more about the value of our chips vs. the competition in the link above.

    I only want 'clean wood chips'.

    We don't know what that means, but this is probably not the right service for you. You should find mulch from another source.

    How do I make sure I only get one load?

    We automatically take everyone off the list after each delivery attempt.

    But I don't want to get bumped to the back of the list!

    There's no order or priority on the list. Arborists don't deliver to sites based on how long they have been waiting. Chosen sites based on who is closest to them and whether or not they're willing to accept logs.

    How do I speed up my delivery?

    By accepting a few logs, not being too picky or specific in your description, and making sure your site is set up properly.

    I don't want any mulch that is poisonous to my dogs or horses.

    It's up to you to know which species of wood chips are toxic to your animals. Most animals who are fed a proper diet will not consume plants or wood chips that are toxic. Well, Labs probably will. But other than Labs, most animals are smart enough not to eat poisonous wood chips. Please consults your veterinarian, and list any species that you don't want in your profile.

    I heard that it's bad to mulch thicker than 2".

    This is probably true with decorative or store-bought mulches. This isn't a problem with arborist wood chips. They won't compact and create a water barrier as some mulches do, and you don't need to till or cultivate arborist wood chip mulch like you need to with some decorative mulches.

    How do I take myself off the list?

    You can cancel your request by email if you have a pending request.

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