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Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care (PHC) is a holistic approach to keeping your entire landscape healthy, lush, and beautiful, using the most environmentally friendly practices possible. Our Certified Arborist and team of tree care experts will develop a plant health care program designed for your unique property to allow your trees to thrive.

Integrated Disease & Pest Management

We can identify and diagnose insect & disease problems and recommend appropriate treatment.

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Soil Amendments

With our soil amendments, we can balance deficient nutrients from the soil for improved health of your yard!

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Vertical Mulching

Making space for air, water and nutrients to reach plants roots will help plants grow!

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Air Spading

This gentle and effective method allows soil and mulch to be safely removed without harming roots.

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Arborjet Injections

Our arborjet injection services are successful in protecting trees from a variety of diseases.

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Keeping Urban Forestry Healthy, Safe & Beautiful
Cole provided us with excellent education, top notch service with safety as a priority, and a ton of entertainment for our two year old who now wants to be an arborist! Please do not look elsewhere; Canopy Solutions is the best you will find for an unbeatable price! — Jennifer W.
Let’s Get Started Let’s partner together to help you maintain the health of your trees and boost overall property aesthetic.
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