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Soil Amendments

The soil in suburban neighborhoods is not like an ideal forest floor where trees can thrive without little intervention. Usually for aesthetics, much of the urban landscape is raked of all its leaf litter which contains many nutrients. Over time, soil health can become worn out. If you have stressed out trees or shrubs in your landscape, the best starting point for a solution is to have one of our arborists visit your property. We can partner together to make sure your trees have a fighting chance to be enjoyed for the years to come.

We offer blends containing ingredients such as mycorrhizal fungal spores, beneficial rhizosphere bacteria, organic amendments, and a selection of micronutrients. Treatments like these reestablish soil fertility and address the mineral needs of many of your urban trees and plants.

Keeping Urban Forestry Healthy, Safe & Beautiful
We love trees and the fact that Canopy Solutions really cared about their health and well-being says a lot about this business' values. I would definitely recommend them to anyone if you'd like for your trees to stay healthy and lookin' sharp after a trim.— Don S.
Let’s Get Started Let’s partner together to help you maintain the health of your trees and boost overall property aesthetic.
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