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Ornamental Tree Pruning

Pruning periodically is essential for our urban trees, both young and old. Properly maintained trees look better, fit their space without conflicts, have reduced hazards, and improved vigor. Pruning involves many decisions. Which limbs to remove, how these cuts should be made, complex rigging operations, and dangerous technical work. That’s why we feel these decisions should all be left in the hands of our certified arborists and highly skilled climbers to avoid any mistakes that can harm the trees or result in serious damage.

Professional Pruning Assessments

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to assess the pruning needs of your trees, including:

  • Proper pruning to improve aesthetics or to open vistas
  • Potentially hazardous conditions
  • Reduction of risk from storms and high winds
  • Roof and house clearance pruning
  • Raising of low branch levels to allow for pedestrians or vehicles
Keeping Urban Forestry Healthy, Safe & Beautiful
I don't have enough wonderful things to say about this company! They were incredibly knowledgeable, honest about what was necessary and what wasn't, great communicators, and very reasonably priced. Would absolutely recommend and hire again.— Kim K.
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