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Arborjet Injections

Trunk injection is the most effective alternative to spraying when it comes to protecting your prized tree. The team needs to understand insect life cycles, fungi, bacteria, and know how to mix the correct formulas based on tree species and size. We can help you determine if injection is the right service for your tree.

Micro-injections are the use of a micropipette to inject a liquid substance at a borderline macroscopic level. The target is the Xylem (tree's vein) within the tree‘s vascular system. This process has been recognized as the new standard for economical and environmentally safe tree health care. As traditional methods of applying chemicals and pesticides become less suited for environmentally sensitive uses, particularly in urban areas. Tree micro-injection systems continue to supersede the current standards in performance and safety.

Keeping Urban Forestry Healthy, Safe & Beautiful
Cole provided us with excellent education, top notch service with safety as a priority, and a ton of entertainment for our two year old who now wants to be an arborist! Please do not look elsewhere; Canopy Solutions is the best you will find for an unbeatable price! — Jennifer W.
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