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Bellevue Tree Service

Removing Trees From My Bellevue Property

Yes, as long as there are no restrictions on your property you can remove a tree, even several trees without a permit. If the tree removal results in over 1,000 sq. feet of disturbance of the ground, you are required to obtain a clearing and grading permit.

Restrictions That May Prevent You From Removing A Tree

  • Your subdivision or PUD (Planned Unit Development) may prohibit removal
  • Your property contains a critical area, such as a steep slope, stream corridor or wetland, or if one is located adjacent to or near your property.
  • Your property is subject to private contracts, covenants or homeowner associations that may have other rules.

Special Restrictions For R-1 Zone In The Bridle Trails Subarea

To preserve their unique neighborhood, specific tree preservation requirements have been placed on the R-1 zone in Bridle Trails. These requirements are placed on “significant” trees, meaning any healthy tree 8 inches or greater in diameter, measured 4 feet above the ground and mostly affect the perimeter area of all property lines.

While a clearing and grading permit is required for the removal of any significant tree in the R-1 zone, you are allowed to remove up to 2 significant trees on a lot within a 3-year period without meeting the perimeter and interior tree retention requirements. When 8 or fewer trees remain on your property, you are required to replace any of the last 8 trees with an equal number of trees.

Keeping Urban Forestry Healthy, Safe & Beautiful
Cole/Canopy Solutions took down a 100-foot Douglas Fir that was rotting out at the base. From start to finish he was a total professional -- on time, prompt with a bid, and he and his crew were impeccable in their cutting and clean-up operations. We hate to lose trees, but when it's time, call Canopy Solutions!— Laura S.
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