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Kirkland Tree Service

What You Need To Know About Removing A Tree From Your Kirkland Property

  • If you need to have a significant tree removed from a private property with no conditions, you will need to fill out a tree removal notification form, which has no fees associated with it.
  • If you need tree removal on a property with conditions or you are removing more than 2 trees, then you will need a tree removal permit, which requires a $200 fee. An arborist report is usually required though you may submit photos for trees with obvious defects or trees causing damage to your property.

What is Kirkland’s definition of a “significant” tree?

Trees with trunks greater than 6 inches in diameter, measured 4 ½ ft. from the ground

Property Conditions That Trigger A Tree Removal Permit

  • Request is for the removal of 1 or both of the last 2 significant trees remaining on the subject property
  • Property has a new residence built within the last 5 years
  • Property contains a Native Growth Protection Easement (NGPE)
  • Property within 100 feet of a critical area (streams, slopes with a grade 15% or greater, wetlands)
  • Property containing subdivision restrictions listed on deed or plat map
  • Property removing a tree along the shoreline of Lake Washington

If you have any questions concerning a tree removal on your Kirkland property, call the City of Kirkland’s Planning and Community Development Department at (425) 587-3225.

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