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Kent Tree Service

What You Need To Know About Tree Removal In Kent

The City of Kent has a “call before you cut” tree policy. Trees adjacent to or in a wetland, creek or greenbelt cannot be cut down without City approval and removing trees in these areas may violate environmental regulations and result in a fine. The City offers a free service to review and inspect trees within wetlands, creeks or greenbelts on your property to make sure they are safe to cut.

The City asks all residents to fill out a Tree Removal/Pruning request (no fee required) which includes drawing a site plan showing the trees in their yard and listing information about the trees which are to be removed or pruned.

A report from a certified arborist is needed in the following situations.

  • Removing more than 2 trees
  • Tree is located in a critical area (such as a wetland, slope prone to erosion, creek)
  • Tree to be removed is on the public right-of-way.
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