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What You Need To Know About Tree Removal In Issaquah

Issaquah is known for its forested hillsides so in order to protect the trees; the city has passed amendments to regulate tree removal for homeowners and commercial property. Not all apply to homeowners so here’s what you need to know about removing trees on your Issaquah property.

All tree removals need to have a tree removal form filled out and filed with the City of Issaquah (please note-this is not a tree removal permit). The number of significant trees that can be removed using the cost-free tree removal form depends on the size of your lot.

  • Up to 10,000 square feet: 2 significant trees are allowed in 1 year
  • 10,001 to 20,000 square feet: 4 significant trees are allowed in 1 year
  • Over 20,001 square feet: 6 significant trees are allowed in 1 year

When is a tree removal permit required?

  • When a tree has a DBH of 30 inches or larger
  • Located within a greenbelt, native growth protection area, common area, right of way or is owned by the city.
  • Removing more than the allowed amount of trees

Criteria for granting a tree permit

  • Tree is found to be hazardous (this requires a Tree Risk Report from a ISA Certified Arborist).
  • Tree is damaging to structures.
  • Blocking solar panels.
  • When forest thinning will benefit the standing trees.

Fees may apply in some cases

  • Tree Removal Form (single family only) No Fee
  • Tree Removal Form: retroactive $60
  • Tree Removal Permit (commercial and multi-family or single family) $240
  • Tree Removal Permit: retroactive $480
  • Tree Removal Permit: Hazardous Trees No Fee

For more information, you may contact Development Services at (425) 837-3080

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