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Black Diamond Tree Service

What You Need To Know About Tree Removal In Black Diamond

A permit is required for the removal of significant trees per the Tree Preservation Chapter of the Black Diamond Municipal Code (BDMC) 19.30, unless specifically exempted by the chapter. All tree permits are Type 1 – Ministerial Decisions made by the Planning Director. A tree plan, meeting the following requirements and standards, shall be submitted as part of a permit application for tree removal. There are two tree plan classifications. Please select the one that best fits your project.

Submittal Requirements For All Tree Permits.

  • Planning Permit Master Application
  • 2 Sets of Site Plans.
  • Sensitive Area Identification Form
  • Permit Fee

Redevelopment/Level I Tree Plan

A Level I tree plan is required for changes to existing development, including all residential, commercial, industrial or institutional sites that involve a land disturbance or expansion of buildings or impervious surface. Site plans shall include: a. All proposed development or expansion structures, parking, driveways, roadways, lanes, sidewalks and pathways, and retaining walls b. All significant trees located within the site subject to development and shall depict those significant trees to be retained in order to meet the guidelines of BDMC 19.30.040(B) c. Planting plan including location, species, and size of new trees to be planted.

New Development/Level II Tree Plan

A Level II tree plan is required for new development, including residential, commercial, industrial or institutional developments that involve land disturbance, parking areas, roads, buildings, or other construction. The tree plan must be completed by a professional forester, certified arborist, or landscape architect. In addition to the requirements of a Level 1 Plan, all Level II Plans shall include: a. Description of off-site trees that could be affected by proposed activity; b. In the event that the proposed plan will result in the retainage of fewer than twenty (20) percent of all significant trees within the site, not including wetlands and sensitive areas City of Black Diamond Tree Removal Permit Submittal Requirements - 2 - and their associated buffers, the tree plan shall include a description of alternative designs that were evaluated and considered by the applicant to provide greater protection of significant trees and a detailed explanation of why such alternative site designs were rejected.

Tree Replacement

Significant trees removed shall be replaced by new trees on a 1:1 removal to replacement ratio. Replacement trees shall be planted on the site from which significant trees are removed or, if impractical, an off-site location determined by the City. Replacement trees must meet the following criteria: a. Native trees are preferred over non-native trees. b. New trees shall meet or exceed current American Nursery and Landscape Association or equivalent organization’s standards for nursery stock. c. New trees shall be planted in locations appropriate to the species growth habit and horticulture requirements. d. New trees must be located away from areas where damage is likely. e. Deciduous replacement trees shall be a minimum of one and half (1.5) inch in caliper, evergreen trees must be a minimum of six (6) feet in height. f. The time period for planting of replacement trees shall conform to standards for transplanting trees as set forth in ANSI A300, part 6. g. Trees shall be watered as necessary to ensure survival and growth during the first two growing seasons after planting. Dead trees shall be replaced within the two-year planting to ensure survival.

Significant Tree Removal Mitigation Fund

In lieu of onsite tree replacement, an applicant may pay a flat fee of $500 per each tree removed into the significant tree removal replacement fund in accordance with BDMC 19.30.070(D). These funds will be utilized in replanting projects throughout the City.

Trees In Critical Areas

Trees within sensitive areas may require additional information and submittals. Trees that are within 200’ of Lake Sawyer are subject to additional regulations in the Shoreline Management Program. Removal of significant trees is strictly regulated and may require an arborist’s report to ensure no net loss of ecological function.

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