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North Bend Tree Service

he number of trees that can be removed is decided by the applicable tree retention requirements, which states that 30% of all significant trees be retained in the developable site area for a single-family, duplex, short plats or subdivision development.

Restrictions That May Prevent You From Removing A Tree

  • Significant trees are required to be preserved within setback areas, which may vary depending on the zone in which your property is located.Further requirements may apply if the tree is in a Native Growth Protection Easement (NGPE), Critical Area (like a stream, slope or wetland) or subdivision where other restrictions apply to the property.
  • You must submit a replanting plan, and have it approved before you remove any significant tree(s). Replacement trees need to be native, drought-tolerant species.You may replant as many trees as you want if they meet either a 2:1 ratio with trees not less than 4 ft. in height or a 3:1 ratio with native and/or drought-tolerant potted trees in one-gallon pots.

Removing Trees From My North Bend Property

Yes, you may remove trees from your North Bend or Snoqualmie property though some restrictions apply if you want to remove significant trees. Exemptions are made for the removal of dead or diseased trees, nonsignificant trees and removal of hazard trees and ground cover in emergency situations.

A significant tree is any evergreen tree of at least 15” DSH and any deciduous tree (other than red alder, holly, poplar and cottonwood) at least 12” DSH. DSH stands for Diameter at Standard Height and is the diameter of the trunk measure 4.5 feet above grade.

Do I Need A Permit To Remove A Significant Tree

Yes, a permit is required for the removal of any significant tree but there is no cost for the permit when removing 7 or less significant trees. You may be asked to submit a report by a Qualified Professional (ISA Certified Arborist) that describes the general health of the tree.

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